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Epic Brick Battle is a game inspired by a skit from Trevor Noah (Host of the Daily Show on Comedy Central) See the skit that inspired me to make this game here. Epic Brick Battle is a fight to the death between 4 bricks. You can play against bots or play against your friends in split-screen multiplayer mode.  Get your brick up to speed (when you see a particle trail behind it) and SMASH into the other players to deal damage.  Whoever is the last brick standing wins!  I made this with the intention of creating 1 game per month this year (2019). Be sure to check back every month for a new release. I hope you enjoy the game and thanks for your interest in my work!

Install instructions

Unzip the game. Go into the Epic Brick Battle folder. Run EpicBrickBattle.exe . Enjoy! 



W - Move Forwards

S - Move Backwards

Mouse - Look around


Left Stick Up - Move Forwards

Left Stick Down - Move Backwards

Right Stick - Look Around


EpicBrickBattle.zip 132 MB

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